An Observation of Light and Movement: Capturing Motion & Light Painting

Below I have showcased my first year photography project. It’s called ‘An Observation of Light and Movement’ and demonstrates the way in which light moves to create very interesting effects. We see time passing in a linear fashion whereas this style of photography allows the camera to condense a period of time into a single representation, thus provoking feelings of the supernatural. This look was achieved by the use of an extended shutter speed time, allowing us to explore the pathways of light that are usually hidden from the naked eye.

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A Progression of Time:
Technology Evolution Showcase

We live within an ever-changing and progressive society that has a hunger for the latest and most innovative technological advancements. This means we are constantly moving forwards and improving on our creations without taking the time to look back at how far we’ve come. This photography series aims to take a trip backwards in time to look at the different evolutionary steps we’ve taken to get to where we are now. 

Time is not an ‘object’ which the human eye is able to see, instead we observe the effects of time passing. This means our brain does not have the capacity to allow us to step outside the realms of time and perceive the major effects time can have over larger periods. Instead, we as time sensitive beings must take the slow path, only viewing slight developments in the evolution of the world around us. This style of photography aims to condense the life cycle of a subject matter into a singular, visual representation. This is achieved by using multiple image overlays and exposures to replicate the effects time has on the development of technology over the ages.