Introduction Video 2024


Myself and some fellow students were tasked with creating a digital campaign for the community mapping charity aDoddle. As part of the experience we created a diverse range of content including the introductory video here to enhance social engagement for the organisation.

Dancing Around the World


Camera Operator/Editor

I was asked to film a production put on by Sammy’s School of Dance called ‘Dancing Around the World‘. In addition to filming the show, I was also tasked with editing together a short highlights reel which could be used to promote the business through both their Facebook page and Youtube channel. 

Gateway Church

Launch Video 2022


After creating a well received introduction video for Gateway, I was invited back to create another piece for the church. This time I was tasked with creating a launch video which would mark the merging of Gateway Waterside with its sister site in Fareham. The Video was then premiered at the Launch event where it was showcased at the venue and live to their Facebook community page.    

Awards Evening


Camera Operator/Editor

I was asked to film an awards ceremony and showcase for Sammy’s School of Dance which was to be edited down into a short highlights reel. The video was then used to promote the business through both their Facebook page and Youtube channel. 

Gateway Church

Promotional Video


Following a client brief with a local Church here in Southampton, I was tasked to create a promotional video for their community Facebook page. The premise of the video was to introduce the new site pastors, giving an insight into their testimonies, values and family life. Gateway church itself has well over 400 members, as well as a connecting church in Fareham. Following positive feedback from this video, I have been considered for other media related projects in the near future. 

Street Support

Homeless Documentary


Whilst freelancing under Solent Creatives, I was given the opportunity to partner with Society of Saint James and City Life Church. The client brief was to create a short form documentary showcasing and raising awareness for the work being done by various charities that are part of Street Support Southampton. Working in a small crew of three we were tasked with creating an emotional, yet uplifting piece in which we oversaw the entire production from conception all the way through to post-production. The documentary itself mostly consisted of sit-down interviews with service residents of St James who were  previously homeless but had recently been housed by the organisation. As part of the experience we were given the opportunity to attend the city wide partnership conference where our video was to be premiered. At this conference were some of Southampton’s most important people from senior council officials, to the chief of Police and representatives from organisations such as the NHS. 

Portsmouth Darkfest

Live theatre show

Camera Operator

Following a client brief myself and a small crew headed up to Portsmouth to provide coverage for a Darkfest event. The showcase was a cross between contemporary theatre and live orchestral music and was an adaption of Matt Wingett’s novel ‘The Snow Witch (2017)’. My role at the event was camera operator which gave me an opportunity to experience live shooting for the first time. To get a feel for the venue, myself and the rest of the crew arrived at the location earlier in the day to create a plan of action and setup our equipment. Given that the show was live there wasn’t much room for error so planning was key. Our main objective was to get enough footage of the event so that we could then use it to create a short highlights video. 

As well as capturing the the live show, we were also given the opportunity to stage sit-down interviews with many of the cast and crew.


A Stage of Colour

Sammy's School of Dance

Camera Operator/Editor

Over the last few years I have worked closely with Sammy’s School of Dance and have had the opportunity to work on a number of different projects which dip into many areas of my skillset. Perhaps my biggest project to date was the role I played in directing and producing the video content for their end of year show ‘A Stage of Colour’. Once the filming had commenced, I was then tasked with editing together the large quantities of footage I had collected to include on DVDs for the students.

In addition to this, I have also worked alongside the business on various other editorial-based projects whether that be creating promotional content for their YouTube channel or providing my audio editing skills to piece together music edits, mixes and soundscapes to use in their live shows and performances.

Mid Hants Railway

Meta Documentary


This short form meta-style (making of) documentary was made in my first year at Southampton Solent University in response to a client brief from Mid Hants Railway. The railway itself is run by the Water Cress Line and as part of the job we were tasked with promoting the railway as well as the great opportunities that are presented to university students by getting involved with real client work. During this production I held the role of Videographer and Editor.

Focus Biz

Work Placement

Content Producer

As part of a work experience placement I was given an opportunity to work for a company called Focus Business Communications, who specialise in providing their clients with audio and visual content. During my time at this placement I was given the chance to try out a range of different positions from sales (pitching for volunteers), production of my own audio podcast, editing/post-production and writing daily blogs about my experiences.  

As part of the experiences I was also given an opportunity to attend a Chamber of Commerce event in Portsmouth in the Emirates tower where I was given the task of interviewing locals businesses.

Social Anxiety Disorder

nhs Short film


During my first year of college, I was given an opportunity to create a short film for the NHS. The overall aim was to raise awareness on issues of mental health and show how it effects the lives of many people across the UK. Before we could begin shooting we were given an opportunity to pitch our ideas to a panel of NHS representatives. This gave us a chance to showcase our initial ideas for the film and gain valuable feedback from the client. During the production I took the roles of producer, videographer and editor.